Start at the Beginning…

Hello loyal followers-to-be,

As the title boldly states, this site is committed towards THE dream.  Define it however you wish, because it will never be in Merriam-Webster’s.  The title comes from one of my favorite parting phrases to offer friends when I will not see them for a while, so it is a bit strange to have it as the large-fonted introduction to the site.  From the very beginning, I think that you will find that this site and its content are different from any other.  Then again, its author is different from any other, so I assure you it will be an interesting time.

Which brings us to the site itself.  Now comes the time to discuss my favorite topic in the world: the small stuff.  Maybe some serious things thrown in to keep everyone informed as to the big things in my world, but the best postings will be the little things that define my life.  I can promise you one thing – you will never be disappointed with it.  I will do my part to keep it fresh, real and exciting, so I hope you will keep coming back to check it out.

Parting words:   Have fun with KLTD.  I know I will.

The best is yet to come…

Keep living the dream,

B. Love

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