Back in Business!

In all of the orientation materials I received for my study abroad program as well as friends who had previously studied in Europe, I was warned that Wi-Fi and internet access were “spotty” in many parts.  How right they were.  Anywhere in Evanston, there are always about 8-10 signals that I can attach to, but at our hotel in Paris (which, as I mentioned, was at the exact center of the city), there was only ONE signal.  So I apologize if my updates have been clumped, but they came when access was available.  Looking ahead to the rest of my stay overseas, I wondered how I would fare without 24/7 connectivity…

But all was not lost!  When I started my computer in London, I saw the beautiful sight of 14 wireless networks, as well as a ethernet line, capable of inundating me with all of the information I so desperately needed and much more that I did not (Facebook, anyone?).  So, I hope that I can update this blog more frequently now and let everyone know what life is like for an American student across the pond.

Stay tuned, stay classy…  KLTD

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