I had my first London dance club experience, and it was certainly different than what we are accustomed to in the US.  As part of the “Freshers Week”, one of the night-time activities was a dance party at KOKO, one of the nicer clubs in our area.  A few friends and I made the venture, with high hopes for the London club scene as one of the major cities for clubs; We had been to a few during our homestay in Swansea, but obviously London is much more renowned for their nightlife (no disrespect to Swansea nightclubs).  We took the Tube to KOKO and walked through the sea of people bumping in rhythm with the techno beat.  And then another techno beat.  And another.  Turns out that British nightclubs use techno as their musical backbone.  None of us were really that into techno, and the throbbing basslines rendered us close to deaf.  The “dancing” was really just random body movements to the beat, rather than the semi-coordinated dancing that we were used to in the States, and I think I caught a few elbows in the fray of the dance floor.  Around 1am we heard our first rap/RnB song, but it turned out to be a techno remix, but at least we got some good sip-synching in.  We stayed until closing around 3am, and then schlepped back to our rooms for a much needed sleep.  I had a great time, but I think I’m a bit more suited for the pub scene than the DUSHDUSHDUSHDUSH of the London danceclubs.

KLTD.  I know I am.

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