They want me to do WHAT???

So apparently these crazy administrators want me to go to “classes” at some point?  Oh well, perhaps I can fit those in at some point…

Classes finally start on Monday, thus officially ending my summer.  Even though I missed the conventional summer vacation because of my organic chemistry class, this European trip more than makes up for lost time.  Class registration was, in a word, archaic, to say the least.  We had to shuttle from department to department to sign up on a paper list for class spots – for me, this meant arriving 2 hours early to the Art History department in order to camp out my spot for one of the most coveted classes in the school (I got in, but those behind me weren’t so lucky…).  Fortunately, my persistence paid off, and I have an amazing schedule that should make for a great London experience.

Because NU is really weird about bringing science credit from other schools (read: they don’t), I am focusing on my economics degree requirements as well as getting some of my distribution credits, which are the liberal-arts part of my degrees.  My economics classes are Environmental Economics, which the advisor really recommended, and Ethics of Applied Economics, which is one of the few ethics-focused economics courses taught at the undergraduate level in any school.  Apart from those, I really wanted to take classes that would give me a greater appreciation of London (that’s why I’m here, after all), so I looked mostly into city-specific courses and found two great classes that will allow me to truly get around to the lesser-known parts of the city.  One is called London Before the Great Fire, and is taught through the Archaeology department; in this class, we take weekly field trips to the ancient parts of London, including the Roman and Saxon territories.  My final class is an Art History class called 19th/20th Century Art in London, which involves going around to art museums and studying the many galleries of the city.  The archaeology class is a Historical Studies distro, and the Art History is a Fine Arts distro, so I assure you these classes aren’t just for kicks!

Now the “study” part of study abroad comes into play.  Although I think I have learned a lot without even stepping foot in a classroom.

Keep dodging Swine Flu.  Keep living the dream.

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