A Busy Few Days

A lot has happened since my last post!  We’ll take this one day at a time and try not to forget anything:

On Sunday, we celebrated our final day without classes by heading to Cambridge.  We caught an early morning coach and had a beautiful drive through the English countryside (or so I’ve been told, I slept literally from station to station).  One of my friends knows a grad student at Cambridge (he’s an NU alum who got the Churchill Fellowship to study there), so we were able to use his student status to get into the colleges themselves.  He gave us the grand tour of the campus, and then we tried our hand at “punting”, which is like the Italian gondola boats.  Using a 10-foot pole, we took turns navigating the narrow canals of the Backs that run behind the colleges.  One of my boatmates almost took a tumble into the water, but she barely held on to keep dry.  I, of course, was the most skilled of the punters, and did not have a single collision.  It was very relaxing, a good way to see the college from a different perspective, and a good way to end our day at Cambridge.

Monday and Tuesday were my first class days.  The classes themselves were very bland, and was really just the professor talking at us for 2 hours.  I am very accustomed to lectures, but my Economics lectures were perhaps some of the most plain and dragging that I have ever experienced.  My Art History class seems like it will be a good time: the subject of the course is the human body throughout the different periods, and it combines psychology, anthropology, and history in terms of the ways that the artist expresses the body.  We will be taking several trips to galleries around London, and the professors are both young and interesting.  My Archeology class was really fun again, and I think that is my favorite by far this term – the subject is very unique to London and the professor is fun to be around.  Monday was also a friend’s birthday and we wanted to go to the IceBar (Google IceBar London – it’s soooo cool), but it is being remodeled this week, so we went to another club for the night.

Today, I got a start on my reading lists for my classes and got my first views of the library.  In the late afternoon, friends and I headed out to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater for one of the final shows of the season (closes Friday for the season!).  It was really different because we got the Lawn seats, meaning we stood right next to the stage throughout the play.  It rained the whole show, and since it was an open theater, we squeezed into the small roof overhang and managed to stay relatively dry.  The play was one of his early comedies called Love’s Labour Lost and was honestly quite good (much better than the tragedies that we read in English classes).

All in all, it has been quite a busy few days, although it is a very sad time at home.  “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.” ~ Mark Twain

KLTD.  Sometimes it’s all you can do.

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One Response to A Busy Few Days

  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures!! Punting looks like a lot of work – but you’re not the one doing the work in picture!

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