Halloween: Part 2 and Reflections

I’m sure you were all on the edge of your seats for the big announcement of my actual costume (don’t worry, I’m wearing pants in this one!)  Drumroll please…

My costume (or “fancy dress” as they call it here) was Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby.  This way, I figured that I had an excuse to look good while being in costume.  And I looked GOOD.  I wore a sportcoat, khakis, a white scarf as an ascot, white yacht-looking shoes, a pocket square, and sunglasses (just because I like my gold rimmed aviators) and carried a fake cigarette.  I tag-teamed with my friend Eunice who went as Daisy Buchanan.  I posted pictures of the whole team with captions of costumes, so check us out!  We went to two dorm parties before heading to the Union Bar for karaoke (singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and Livin’ on a Prayer).  We sang beautifully, as usual.  Most of the Brits had absolutely loved The Great Gatsby (and remembered more about it than I did), so it was very relatable for everybody.  Interestingly, my friend Jess who dressed as Waldo from Where’s Waldo had to change her name, because in GB he is known as Wally.  Crazy stuff.

Something thing that surprised me: Costumes are meant to be scary!  Everyone was something splashed with blood or other scary equivalent.  Certainly far from the ironically funny/cute/scandalous costumes that we are used to in the US!  Trick-or-treating is becoming increasingly popular with young kids in England, but apparently Ireland is where the best Halloween is (that’s where it was first created?)

The costume award of the day goes to Max, my next door neighbor, who was Swine Flu: he wore pig ears and nose with a thermometer in his mouth, latex gloves, sweatpants and an old t-shirt, and carried a box of tissues and hand sanitizer with anti-flu pamphlets in his waistband.  It got great responses from all.  This just goes to show you – global epidemics can always become a great costume.

Hope everyone had a super fun Halloween.  Remember, the weather is getting colder, so don’t feel bad about pigging out on the leftover candy!

KLTD or treat!

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