Christmas time is here… Already?

Walking down Regent Street (the London equivalent of Michigan Avenue), I was surprised to see the amazing number of Christmas lights on the lightpoles, hanging overhead, and in the store window displays.  I’m all for the holiday season, but isn’t this a bit early?

London had its “Light Up London” celebration on Tuesday, where Jim Carrey (coinciding with the premiere of his movie  A Christmas Carol) threw the switch to turn on all the twinkling lights down the street.  Department stores were already getting their holiday winter displays in the windows, and Hanley’s (the largest toy store in the world!) had a fake snow machine pumping flakes into the air outside their store.  I had to do a double take to the calender to make sure it was still November 5th, because by the looks of things it was Christmas Eve.  In the US, Christmas season officially starts the day after Thanksgiving, which, of course, is not a holiday here, so I guess they can choose to start the holiday festivities whenever they want!

In other news, it’s Guy Fawkes Day!  I had never heard of this strange celebration before, but it’s the British celebration of a failed attempt to blow up Parliament.  Ironically, the “Gunpowder plot” is celebrated every November 5th with large fireworks displays and a bonfires where they burn effigies of Fawkes to celebrate the deliverance of the monarch.

All my essays are turned in, so now it is time to relax.  Fall break starts now, with the pomp and circumstance of fireworks, burning men and a 3:45am taxi to the airport!

Wish me luck, and until next time – KLTD.


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