Seville, minus the Barber

As London moves into its winter weather, I sought refuge in Sevilles 70 degree temperatures and warm Spanish sun.  Since my friend Brian is studying there, he was able to show me the local perspective of the city, as well as translate for my elementary Spanish.  The city itself has an amazing feel to it, and is, as I described it, so Spain.  Siestas (although I didn’t take one) ran from 3p-6p during which time shops were closed, dinner started at 9:30p, and parties ran until 5a.

The main highlights of Seville include the largest cathedral in the world (Cathedrale de Seville) and the oldest functioning royal palace in the world (the Alcazar), although Brian took me to some incredible Tapas bars, botillions, and local enclaves that would never have been on any map.  All in all, a great weekend, especially because I was able to break out my short sleeves again!


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One Response to Seville, minus the Barber

  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures!! A few comments:
    * Someone is sneaking into your picture
    * You will regret that white sleeveless, hooded, sweatshirt
    * That is your second “close” encounter with a bird

    What’s a botillion? On Google, it’s boots or a cotillion . . .

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