A spot o’ tea

Winding down the remainder of my “to-do” list in London, I have finally come to some of the more typical things that I have still yet to do – in this case, high tea at Kensington Palace.  Kensington Palace is situated on the western side of the city, near Hyde Park, and is best known for being Princess Diana’s residence.  Now, it still serves as a royal palace, but a portion is closed off as a memorial to Princess Di, including a collection of her dresses and a memorial to her charitable work.

Tea itself was a welcome break from the pre-final-exams rush: snacking on towered plates of finger sandwiches, fruit scones with cream and jam, fruit tarts, and eclairs was a nice little mid-afternoon snack, and the 2-page tea menu was intriguing.  I eventually settled on the Darjeeling, described as the “champagne of teas” on the menu, but was able to sample the variety of tea flavors that my fellow tea-goers chose.  All in all, it was a fine way to sit leisurely and enjoy good conversation with great friends.

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