Madrid Orientation

Shortly after arriving in Barcelona, I was heading right back out: to Madrid for Fulbright Orientation.  While the discussion of the grant specifics was useful, I believe the most important lesson from that week came from meeting the other Fulbright researchers that will be based in Spain.

The Spanish Fulbright contingent has 18 researchers this year (19 including myself as an EU grantee), each dealing with a unique and challenging area of study ranging from Flamenco dance to electrical energy grid optimization, from business entrepreneurship to microbial gene transfer.  Of those 19 researchers, only 4 of us are not currently enrolled in or graduated from a doctorate program, making the group spread a range of ages from young (me, 22) to, *ahem*, older (Bob, 57).  Fortunately, 4 other researchers besides myself will be based in Barcelona: two architects, a biochemist, and an entrepreneurial consultant – all of them are a pleasure to be with, and we have had the opportunity to get together several times in BCN.

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