Tarragona, an hour’s train ride south of Barcelona, served as the final stop on our trip.  Tarragona was once a major city in the Roman conquest of Spain, and the small post of Barcino (which became Barcelona) was only a “halfway point” for goods coming from Rome to Tarragona.  Known best for its Roman ruins, Tarragona seemed like a sleepy town in the Catalunyan countryside – or so we thought (cue scary music).  Our visit was the night of the celebration of Santa Tecla, the city’s patron saint.  This, of course, seems like a great reason to have a blowout party throughout the city.  After a short “parade” of Giants around 6p, things seemed to slow down, and we walked through the Roman and medieval city remnants, and settled in for a busy next day of sightseeing.  That is, until we were awoken with thousands of people singing, Giants dancing, marching bands playing, and overall debauchery at 2:15a outside of our hotel situated on the main plaza.  The Giants were paraded throughout the city and back into the City Hall in front of our hotel, followed by a throng of celebrating Tarragonians in a display unlike anything we had seen before.

After the dust settled, the city was back to its seemingly quiet exterior.  An interesting finale for my parents to leave on, but a good time was had by all.

Editor’s Note: I have some great video footage of the 2:15a craziness, but cannot upload the mp4 HD file to this blog without buying a video upgrade – I will check for other videosharing programs and keep you posted.

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