I assure you that I am, in fact, working!

Now, I realize to this point all of my posts have been showing the glam life of sightseeing in Spain.  However, I assure you that I am, in fact, working.  Although it is ironic that I make this post on Spanish National Day, when we all have the day off…  My research affiliate is part of the faculty at Universitat de Barcelona, and I have been splitting time between the UB hospital and my office at UB Parc Científic.  My colleagues have been more than welcoming with both my research plan and making my transition a bit easier, and take me to lunch “early” at 1:30p instead of the usual 2p lunchtime.  Right now I am developing two projects regarding organ donation specifically in the EU that I hope should have some interesting findings in the upcoming months, so I will keep you updated!

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One Response to I assure you that I am, in fact, working!

  1. Nancy Kennedy says:

    So good to see your blog again!! Sounds like you are having quite a time in Barcelona and beyond!! And we are glad to hear that you are working, too!! We check often with your Mom and Dad about how you are doing and they say you are fine!! It sounds like you are making the most of your time in Spain. How is your Spanish doing? Are you able to understand everyone? Does anyone speak English there? All’s well here, with Bud and I and the kids and grandkids. Just wanted to say hello and to let you know we are thinking about you!! Take care and keep posting!!
    Steelers won today, but just barely (17-13). Love, Aunt Nancy

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