Hi all,

Sorry I have not had many updates lately, but I have not had a great deal of free time lately (which is a good thing, I suppose!).  Between a week-long Universitat course, Thanksgiving, a historic 10K race, and my research, I’ve been keeping quite busy.  So, a quick catch-up on all of that is coming in the next few posts.

First, however, is my day-trip to the beautiful city of Sitges on one of the last beach-weather days of 2011.  The town is known mainly as a quiet resort escape for Europeans looking for the Costa Brava beaches without the bustle of BCN.  Located just 40 minutes south of Barcelona, it made for a nice day-trip: wandering through the shop-lined streets, enjoying the beautiful sea-side views, and extracting every last second of beach-time possible.  My visit missed the craziness and excitement of the Sitges Film Festival, 2-month-long Carnival, and main tourist season, so I was able to see the village as the Mediterranean town that it was: small and tranquil, yet with a vibrant energy all its own.

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