No, not the suburb in Pittsburgh!  Just a short train ride from Frankfurt, Heidelberg is one of the most well-known cities in southwest Germany for its university and well-preserved Aldstadt (Old Town).  Heidelberg was able to keep much of its old Baroque architecture because it was spared the bombings of WWII, and it became the headquarters of American forces in Europe for its easy access to the industrial/military cities of Frankfurt and Mannheim.  The city is complete with an impressive castle overlooking the city from its days as the capital of the Palatine Electorate of the Rhine, one of the 7 princedoms that elected the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.  The Universitat Heidelberg was founded by one of the Palatine Electors as the oldest university in Germany, founded in 1386, and remains a prominent university in Europe.  Saying goodbye to an amazing experience in southwestern Germany, I set out for my next visit to Madrid for the Organizacion Nacional des Trasplantes!


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