Geneva was my last city in Switzerland, rounding up an excellent trip.  It sits at the crossroads of Europe, and has played a major role in global affairs for hundreds of years as a major trading route through Western Europe.  For a relatively small city, it is all about big things and big ideas.  Its namesake lake, Lake Geneva, is the largest in Europe, and nearby Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in Europe.  The Jet d’Eau, in the middle of the harbor, is the tallest fountain in the world at over 140 meters high.  The Geneva flower clock has the longest second hand of any clock in the world.  The city holds tremendous political significance as the (ex-)home of the former League of Nations, second branch of the United Nations, signatory place of the Geneva Conventions, birth of the Calvinist movement, and foundation of the International Committee of the Red Cross – just to name a few!

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