Amsterdam was my final stop after a busy week in the Netherlands. It is a fascinating city and one best explored just by wandering.  It is a study in opposites: calm, tranquil canalhouses on the water, trophies from the Dutch Golden Age, and the wildness of the Red Light District.  Perhaps no other city combines these so perfectly as Amsterdam, and it has a special place in my heart.

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2 Responses to Amsterdam

  1. Ed says:

    Wait. Where are the pictures from the Red Light District?? =) And what is that delicious-looking treat??
    (I know… page upon page of amazing arcitecture, breathtaking scenery, artwork and history, and this guy hones in on debauchery and FOOD!)
    Love the blog Brendan!

    • blovasik says:

      That would be an apple-chocolate-eggnog pancake – enough to send a hummingbird into a diabetic coma! The cafe was recommended by a friend and mentioned in the song “Super Disco Disco Breakin'” by the Beastie Boys.

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