After flight delays and a night in Jamaica, Queens, I have arrived in Zurich!  The city is lovely – set on the shores of Lake Zurich and the River Limmat, the city is intimately associated with the water.  People gather at the lakeside parks and promenades in the evenings to share drinks and appetizers.  The city infrastructure operates with Swiss efficiency, and Zurich’s financial prowess is demonstrated by the 4 large banks lining the Paradeplatz off the Bahnhofstrasse.  It is clear to see why Zurich is a perennial listing on the “world’s happiest cities” lists.

The hospital and universities are located on the right riverbank, on a hill overlooking the Aldstadt.  I live in a bright and quiet residential neighborhood near the hospital, on the aptly named “songbird street”.  I believe this will be an excellent experience, and I look forward to what the next months hold.

Fun fact: though this blog has been “quiet”, it has not been dormant!  Due to many of my photo/image titles, it has generated over 9,000 views from 72 countries.  In fact, the USA is not even in the top 3 web-traffic countries (France, Germany, Italy).

LimmatSt Peterskirche Ganymed Limmat  Grossmunster Limmatquai Bellevue Opernhaus

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    It’s back!!

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