Universität Zurich and ETH Zurich

Universität Zurich (“UZH”) and ETH Zurich are perched on a hill overlooking the Zurich aldstadt in a unique concentration of academic institutions.  So concentrated, in fact, that the universities are literal neighbors.  UZH is the traditional liberal arts university of the city, and traces its founding to 1525; with 26,000 students, it is the largest university in Switzerland.  ETH is a STEM university founded in the mid-1800s by a federal Swiss charter.  Despite these historical difference, the two universities, plus the UniversitatsSpital Zurich (USZ) directly across the street from both, mutually benefit from their collaborations.   The universities share 33 Nobel Prizes between the two institutions, and have a long list of famous alumni and faculty.  In fact, Albert Einstein completed his undergraduate studies at ETH, and his graduate studies at UZH.  The interesting academic triangle (figurative and literal) between UZH, ETH, and USZ make Zurich an ideal city for study and research.

Univ Zurich ETH Zurich ETH and Universitat UZH Hauptgaube UniversitatsSpital

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