Family Trip: Vaduz, Liechtenstein

We departed the Swiss Riviera back to Zurich by train, then rented a car in Zurich for the remainder of our journey.  The rental car market is certainly different than the US – the three choices of rentals were Mercedes, BMW, and Audi!  We drove through the Swiss countryside to neighboring Liechtenstein and the capital, Vaduz.  Liechtenstein is a fascinating country for its small size (only 15 miles by 7 miles) and population (37,000).  The country is the last remaining principality of the Holy Roman Empire, and remains under the rule of a castle-dwelling prince.  It has preserved its status as an independent nation through diplomacy and strategic location – situated between Switzerland and Austria, the country avoided much of the European border restructuring of the last several centuries.  Postage stamps from Liechtenstein are collectors’ items for their high artistic value and rarity.

Schloss Postage Stamp Exhibit Stadtl-Platz

Cathédrale St. Florin Schloss

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